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7 Super Easy Hearing Aid Care Tips

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

If you want your hearing aids to last a long time, you need to take proper
care of them. Read on to learn the top hearing aid care tips.

If you're over the age of 65, you might be a part of the one-third of American adults who report being hard of hearing. And for those more than 75 years old, the number for the hard of hearing increases to 50 percent of senior adults.

Hearing loss is a part of aging gracefully, and you can mitigate its effects by getting the best quality hearing aids.

The most popular of these small assistive devices often fit behind the ear and have a receiver that goes inside your ear canal. In fact, a 2018 Consumer Reports study shows that this type of hearing aid accounts for more than 70 percent of all additive audio devices.

If you're new to hearing aids, you will want to protect your investment by ensuring their long life and functionality. Hearing aid care doesn't have to be difficult or even cumbersome, yet it can provide you with a greatly enhanced quality of life.

Whether you're new to having hearing aids or old hat at the technology, we've got seven super easy care tips -- ranging from feedback prevention to battery life to keeping your devices away from swimming pools and showers!

Check out these tips to get the most out of your hearing aids!

1. Keep Your Hearing Aids Dry

To assure a long life for your hearing aids and to keep the batteries safe for use, the easiest hearing aid care tip we have is to keep your devices dry. Don't shower or bathe with your nano hearing aids in your ears, and be sure to wear appropriate headgear during rain or snow.

Do not swim with hearing aids in, and avoid hot tubs or other moist conditions. If your hearing aids accidentally get wet, remove them from your ear canals to dry out. Make sure to open battery cases or remove wet batteries altogether, in order to minimize risk of short-circuiting.

If you get water on your hearing aids, you can try to soak it up like people do with their smartphones and other mobile devices. You can place the hearing aid in a bowl of rice or very briefly use a hair dryer to evaporate the moisture. Exercise caution when using a hair dryer, and don't let your best hearing aids get overheated!

2. Don't Sleep with Your Hearing Aids

Try not to sleep with your hearing aids in your ears, as it will likely shorten the life of your device. Many hearing aids have been found when it's too late -- after being wrapped up in sheets and washed with the laundry!

Your ears need time to have fresh air in the ear canal. Plus, you don't need enhanced hearing while you slumber. Find a dedicated, dry spot for them on your nightstand, and recharge or remove batteries overnight.

3. Battery Life for Optimal Hearing Aid Care

Hearing aid care can be as simple as making sure your devices are kept in prime condition. Some hearing aids are expensive and some don't cost an arm and a leg, but even the economical ones can last for years if treated correctly.

Replace your batteries or recharge them as often as directed by your service provider. If your batteries are not rechargeable, you're in the majority of hearing aid owners. Have a stash in bulk and always have an extra pair with you that you can replace quickly!

4. See Your Audiologist Yearly

One super easy hearing aid care tip is to make sure you attend your annual exams with your audiologist or other medical care provider. A professional can assess your hearing level, make necessary recommendations and adjustments, and perform simple tests that can help those who are hard of hearing.

It doesn't take long, and it's usually covered by insurance and Medicare or Medicaid for senior citizens. Especially if you are hard of hearing or hearing impaired and you haven't gone in some months or years, it's time to check in with the pros.

5. Clean Your Ear Canals

One surefire way to lengthen the lifespan of your hearing aids is to make sure you remove excess ear wax from your ear canals. Fluid can build up in your middle ear, and ear wax can get painfully impacted if you wear your hearing devices for too long without a break.

Every day or several times a week, make sure you are flushing your ear canal as directed by a doctor. Most audiologists and doctors don't recommend the use of cotton swabs in the ear canal, but everyone is different!

Although you can't create an environment where your nano hearing aids won't ever touch your earwax, having clean canals and practicing good ear hygiene can go a long way in keeping your devices in peak working order.

6. Clean Your Hearing Aids

Many hearing aids come with wax filters for your ear wax and almost all have a wax guard. Every day, it's important to clean those pieces of your device with a cotton swab like a Q-tip or with a wet wipe. Remove any build-up to significantly help augment your hearing aid care routine.

Dropping, losing, wetting, and ear wax are the major culprits of hearing aid deaths. Avoid them a small much as you can with these quick and easy tips!

7. Get Rid of Feedback

Feedback is the whistling or ringing you will hear when your nano hearing aids or other devices aren't properly filtering sound frequencies. Many times, this is the result of earwax buildup or even just a small device or ear canal.

It's crucial not to let feedback fester, as it can erode the clearness of other sounds as well as drain the battery and have a negative impact on your hearing in the long run. Make sure you have your Nano Hearing Aid calibrated properly, and speak with your hearing care team or audiologist if the problem persists.

Hearing Aids That Work

Your level of hearing aid care will make or break the lifespan of your Nano Hearing Aids. You can learn more about Nano Hearing Aids and several other options through our guide to affordable hearing aids.

Click here to read our take! We are passionate about connecting people who are hard of hearing with the devices that will change their lives.


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